Local X Lineup 1-31-10

Local X Lineup 1-31-10

Local X Lineup 1-31-10

Guest: The Few

Adoration - The Lines and Dots Collide

Caster - Addicted

Copper - Call to Action

Etchstone - Bow Down

Eris - The Happening

Downstream - Silhoutes

No Love Lost - Wasted

Luminoth - Magnified Soul

Failed Escape - Steer Away

Modena - Second Time Around

American Plague - Black Love

Straight Line Stitch - What You Do To Me

Papercut Massacre - Lose My Life

After Elvis - Sin Like These

Superdrag - Deathblow to Your Pride

Wake the Light - Best of Me

The Few - Cardiac Resistance

Social Ghost - Never Get Back

Disarmed - Now

Dangerous New Machine - Burn

My Last Right - Panic

Down From Up - Chasing Shadows

One Vs. One - Fools Attempt

Third Obsession - Chase the Sun

Ceterum - Insolence Recoil