The Faces of Facebook

The Faces of Facebook

The Faces of Facebook

Social Media has become such a huge part of our lives, I’m nearly positive a most people can’t go an entire day without checking their Facebook. And while most of us are responsible with our posting, there are those who are determined to make my brain explode.

Debby Downer, You know the one. Every time you see their name pop up you try your best to avoid reading it because you KNOW BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT it will be the most negative, whiny, bitch-ass post about how bad their day has been or they’re pissed off at.

Application Addict --- We don’t care about the achievement you just received for spending 12.6 thousand hours searching for Easter eggs in your Farmtown mafia war. We CERTAINLY don’t care about the OTHER 16 posts regarding the other useless activities you do during work.

Facebook Street Corner Preacher --- If religion is your thing, cool. However, please don’t be the overly-religious Facebook savior. It is not necessary for you to post a full on transcript of you Pastor’s sermon from Sunday morning. You’re a lazy-man’s street corner preacher. You are not inspirational, you are obnoxious. 

Super VIP Guy --- Ever checked the news feed on your Facebook or Twitter only to find the entire newsfeed monopolized by some jackass that feels his life is important and interesting enough to make sure we know what he’s eating for dinner and when he blows his nose. I have. And it pisses me off.

Random Poster --- I just have a question….WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT??????

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