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Local X Lineup 6-06-10

Local X Lineup 6-06-10

Skytown Riot - I'll Go Myself
Midnight Radio - Fifteen
Afterlife - Guardian
Skytown Riot - Thunda
Social Ghost - Never G


Local X Lineup 5-30-10

Local X Lineup 5-30-10

Social Ghost - Never Get Back
Superdrag - Deathblow to Your Pride
No Love Lost - So Long
Papercut Massacre - Lose My Lif


Local X Lineup 5-23-10

Local X Lineup 5-23-10

Guest: Afterlife

American Plague - Black Love
Ceterum - Ominous
Dusty O - Close th



Over the weekend we lost another great front man and legend.


Local X Lineup 5-16-10

Local X Lineup 5-16-10

Guest: The Few & One Vs.


Local X Lineup 5-09-10

Local X Lineup 5-09-10


Thoroughfare - The Value
After Elvis - Sin Like These
Wake the Light -


Godsmack's New Single rumored to be about Nikki Sixx?

So today I get this call from a guy who says, " Hey Oz, is that new Godsmack song about Nikki Sixx from Motley Crue? And I said, " I don't know, let me do some research and let's find out.


Rob Zombie Directs CSI:Miami on March 1:updated 3-2-10

On Monday, March 1st Rob Zombie's television debut happens on CBS.


Local X Lineup 2-7-10

Local X Lineup 2-7-10

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Guest: Down From Up


Down From Up – It’s our Time

Edges of Seven – I Hide

10,000 Flames – Can’t Get Enough

Sellers Wray – Everyone’s Laughing

Renegade – Baby, Come on Over

After Elvis – Sins Like These

Failed Escape – Steer Away

Gunslinger – Heaven Ain’t Easy

Caster – Addicted

Lovers and Liars – Hole

<?xml:namespace prefix = st1 />Modena – Second Time Around

Adire – Addicted

Down From Up – Dead on the Vine (Acoustic)

Down From Up – Chasing Shadows

Etchstone – Bow Down

Adoration – Talk about Nothing

Downstream – Silhouettes

Social Ghost – Never Get Back

Down From Up – The Rain (Acoustic)

Straight Line Stitch – Yesterday’s Gone

Luminoth – Magnified Soul

Eris – Division

Dangerous New Machine – Burn

Down From Up – Victim

My Last Right – Panic

Leticia Wolf – This Time










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