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TSA Speedo

So earlier this week, maybe last, I joked on the air that a way to handle these TSA pat-downs would be to show up at the airport wearing a speedo.


Coffee and Me!

So the other day I walk into the kitchen here at the station and there are all these different types of coffee being brewed and it smells great.


Poker and Weight Loss, that is all for now.

Hello, it is Oz. Here it is another Monday.


Straight Flush

Okay, so last night after yoga, I was out playing poker. I have recently learned the game and I’ve taken a real interest in the whole poker experience.


Last night Bud Light One Night Stand

Last night was the Bud Light One Night Stand over at the Valarium. Cavo headlined but I think that the American Bang stole the show.


DMX and me

So last night, I was doing what I always do on a Monday night. Playing poker over at the Downtown Grill and Brewery and after I lost ( which happens alot).


Local X Lineup 8-29-10

Local X Lineup 8-29-10

American Plague - Dawn ( Nuclear Pulse)
Skytown Riot - The Only Winter I Remember
The Few - Distortion
10 Years - Just Can


Host with the Most

This is a charity event that should prove to be very interesting.


Local X Lineup 8-22-10

Local X Lineup 8-22-10

10 Years - Wasteland(Acoustic)
The Few - Where You Used To Be
American Plague - Low
Skytown Riot - Thunda
Downslave - 193


Nominated For Best Personality

Well I was shocked to learn that I have been nominated for Best Personality by the readers at the News Sentinel and I couldn't be more flattered.

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